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Just "doing" Facebook or Twitter is not a Social Media Strategy.
Ask yourself; why would just having a Facebook page or a Twitter stream help your business if you don’t have a plan to leverage it? Social Media Optimization (SMO) is about socially facilitated selling, and socially directed buying. It is not a fad, it’s a trend.

Hiring someone to “do” SMO is like hiring someone to go on a date for you.
Social media is much more relationship intensive and time consuming than traditional forms of marketing. Dividends can be huge, and businesses that plan on remaining competitive over the next few years have little choice than to get on the bus… or get run over by it.

We don’t do Social Media Optimization, We Train it…
We don’t do SMO for our clients, we train organizations and individuals to become self sufficient to build and manage their own Social Assets themselves. We’ve partnered directly with Scott Klososky and have exclusive rights to offer his Blueprint for Social Proficiency techniques that are available nowhere else.

>>>1-Day Social Technology Workshops:
When an organization would like to have an intensive one day session for their internal staff, this workshop provides a full look at what social technologies can do to help the team.  

>>>Social Technology Bootcamp:
Our bootcamps are designed to allow ten to twelve individuals from different organizations to experience a day and a half intensive session on social technologies.  

>>>Enterprise Social Technology Strategy 90-Day Coaching Program:
Our coaching program is the number one way to move an organization












Blueprint for Social Proficiency


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